Ten on the 10th | Salem, Oregon | Family Photographer

May 9, 2015

In Oregon this last month I was able to do family pictures for my friend Kathy! We did every thing from hanging out with their funny little goats to a lifestyle session in the kitchen! It was so fun! Here is just a little sample of the kids and their goats! It was a really fun afternoon and we even managed to evade all of the poison oak!


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What a fun photo shoot with the goats! Love the blue tones on their clothes!

I agree with everyone above and I really love the colors and tones. It looks like a fun day was had by all with the goats.

How fun & cute! Thanks for sharing.

That looks like a super fun day, and the color and light in your photos are wonderful as is the way you have them displayed in the collage–so nice.

Oh, I love your color pallet, and family pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you had a lot of fun too 🙂

Great photos, Megan! Looks like a fun environment and certainly picturesque. Love those goats!

Love the color tones in these images Megan, looks like a fun afternoon!

Great shots Megan! Looks like fun & the goats look more cooperative than my dogs!


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