Paper Hats and Sailors | Boise, ID | Children’s Photographer

So many people and things came into play to make this session all work! The always wonderful Swan family were amazing! Their little boys Joel and Trevor as so cute and so much fun to work with! They have absolutely great imaginations! My good friend and fabulous fellow photographer Heather Hillman got us the location! Many thanks to her grandparents for letting us shoot at their place and use their boat and truck too! I also owe Heather and Scott for helping me move that boat into the field! It was no easy feat let me tell you! Thank you all so much for being up to this crazy plan! It was completely worth it! If you would like to make paper hats yourself here is a video how to!

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Seth the Science Kid | Salem, Oregon | Children’s Photographer

This kid! Brilliant and good looking! We had SO much fun with this session. We carted a snake in a tank and a globe downtown and did our thing. Seth was amazing with his snake Stripes. I am terrified of snakes, and Seth managed to accidentally ALMOST let go of it only one time! 😉 That I happened to be laying on my tummy and shooting close made it all the more memorable. Ha! I love this kid and his family and it was such a fun afternoon! Seth, little dude, you are one smart cookie and I had an amazing time with you! seth the science kid3 21 19a 18 15 14a 14 11a 10 8a 7 3a 6 5a 23 22a