Just Playing | Boise Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

I had the chance to play with a fisheye lens the other day! So much fun! I took this image of my youngest son hanging out in our back yard on the trampoline. Lost in the moment he was just having a ball. I love that I will never forget how much he enjoys jumping on the trampoline. It his absolute favorite thing to do. I was also totally impressed with how this lens captured the whole entire thing. It sure is fun to play. 🙂

A Library Engagement Session | Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer

Angie and I are childhood friends. We lost contact over the years but thanks to Facebook found each other again. Ang and I hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years and suddenly she was meeting me at the airport! On the car ride to pick up her fiance and all throughout the rest of the day we caught up! Poor Stephen, stuck in the car with a couple of girls laughing and talking non stop. We crashed the downtown Portland Library for their pictures. We got some funny looks but we had a ton of fun! I LOVED IT! I am so grateful for the chance to reconnect and I had a blast taking your engagement photos. You two are a wonderful couple who are just perfect for each other! P.S. Stephen, NY has my vote! Sorry Ang! 🙂