Megan Is A Senior | Spokane, Washington | Senior Photographer

November 25, 2012



As I sit here drinking coffee and thinking about Megan I have so many things that I could say and memories I could share…Choosing is hard!!! I remember when Megan was new to our church, just a tiny little blond girl in the Sunday school class that I taught. She would look over the top of her glasses at me and give me this look when she thought I was a little crazy and I loved it more than anything. In fact I made her recreate that look for me during her session! I remember being called “Big Megan” forever after she started going to church with me and she was forever “Little Megan.”  Over the years her and her family have become such good friends of mine and I treasure them! Thank you Megan for having me take your senior pictures! I loved getting to spend the afternoon with you! P.S. Scroll all the way through for a surprise image at the end!

And here is my favorite Little Megan look. 🙂

I couldn’t help it! Love you Megan! 🙂


Thank you so much for doing them! 🙂

Thank you “big Megan”! Haha! We were so glad you could do her pictures. Love and miss you guys!!


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