The CdeBaca Wedding | Boise, Idaho | Wedding Photographer

The CdeBaca wedding was beautiful! They were surrounded by family and friends and you could see the love they all had for Alex and Ivy! Congratulations you two! Thank you for having me be part of your special day!2015-06-22_00032015-06-22_00092015-06-22_00112015-06-22_00102015-06-22_00071192015-06-22_0012222015-06-22_00042015-06-22_00062015-06-25_00142015-05-28_00062015-06-25_00151182015-06-25_00161262015-06-25_00172015-06-25_00182015-06-25_00192015-06-26_00022015-06-25_00072015-06-25_00092015-06-25_00112015-06-25_00122015-06-25_00132015-05-25_0006592015-06-25_00031012015-06-25_0002137111702015-06-25_00041322015-06-25_0005untitled-1-27148

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