The Krazy Coupon Lady Takes Over Dart Warz | Meridian, Idaho | Event Photographer

The Krazy Coupon Lady took over Dart Warz in Meridian for the afternoon, and they wanted some black and white shots of it to put around their office! How fun is that?! It was an absolute blast as you can see! Thank you so much for having me out everyone! 2016-06-07_00032016-06-07_00052016-06-07_00072016-06-07_00062016-06-07_00082016-06-07_00102016-06-07_00112016-06-07_00122016-06-07_00132016-06-07_00142016-06-07_00152016-06-07_00162016-06-07_00172016-06-07_00092016-06-07_00182016-06-07_00202016-06-07_00212016-06-07_00222016-06-07_00232016-06-07_00242016-06-07_00252016-06-07_00262016-06-07_00272016-06-07_00282016-06-07_00292016-06-07_00302016-06-07_00312016-06-07_00322016-06-07_0004

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