The Fischer Wedding | Boise, ID | Wedding Photographer

The Fischer Wedding was such a special day! Watching two families become one was truly beautiful! Fischer family, thank you so much for having me be part of your celebration! I loved getting to know all of you! Best wishes to you as you continue your life together! 2016-08-06_0005 2016-08-06_0001 2016-08-06_0004 2016-08-06_0003 2016-08-06_0002 2016-08-06_00062016-08-06_00082016-08-06_00072016-08-06_00102016-08-06_00142016-08-06_00162016-08-06_00122016-08-06_00182016-08-06_00202016-08-06_00212016-08-06_00222016-08-06_00232016-08-06_00242016-08-06_00252016-08-06_00262016-08-06_00272016-08-06_00282016-08-06_00152016-08-06_00192016-08-06_00172016-08-06_00132016-08-06_00332016-08-06_00292016-08-06_00342016-08-06_00322016-08-06_00302016-08-06_00352016-08-06_0031

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