Home Life | Boise, Idaho | Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle sessions are some of my all-time favorite sessions to photograph. I love the idea of kids making memories with their parents, in their home space, while being photographed. Someday these pictures are going to be reminders of the love and fun they were surrounded with while growing up, and that is everything to me! Thanks for having me into your home Skyler and Beatrice! You have such a beautiful family! 

The Mikelson Family | Portland and Pacific City, Oregon | Family Photographer

One day several years back, I received a message on my business page saying (basically), “Hi I’m Sarah! I love your work and I am a photographer too! Want to meet for coffee sometime?” Of course I did! Fast forward to now, she is one of  my closest friends and her family is so special to me and mine. I am so grateful for the friendship social media has made possible and for the way it allows us all to stay connected!

Now, go grab a cup of coffee if you feel like it, and check out their adorable growing family! They will be welcoming a sweet little man soon and I cannot wait to meet him! 

The Allhiser Family | The Big Island | Family Photographer

This beautiful family is life long friends of mine and joining them in Hawaii to photograph the celebration of Maddy’s 13th birthday was a dream! They are stunning and so is the Big Island! It made my job pretty easy! 🙂 Also, I have to brag on my sister from another mister… The gorgeous dress Bree is wearing is her high school prom dress! Can’t even handle it! So stunning!