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July 15, 2014


We’re singing…
Hey, you can’t count us out
We’ve been running up against the crowd
Yeah, we are the dark horses!

Justin’s favorite Switchfoot song … Dark Horses

Sometimes I need to tweak my gear. When that happens, Justin is always game to be my model! It turns out that if I give him headphones and play music that he likes, he will sit there for a long time! Currently his favorite bands are Switchfoot and The Band Perry…don’t judge him, it’s his moms fault! I also wanted to blog this so that I never forget that at age 7, helping is something that Justin does very well. It is definitely a way that he shows people he cares about them. I love that about him. Also, yes, I know there are more than 10 images…can’t help it! I tried! (:

10 on 10 – July // Street Photography

If you would like to see more of my talented friends in this 10 on the 10th blog circle just follow the above link to my friend Connie’s! Her street photography is fantastic! You don’t want to miss seeing a car sporting a bright pink mustache!




these are so fun!!! I too am very jealous that you have a willing model 🙂 I have to bribe my son most of the time and now that he’s older he wants money lol

He is the cutest! Love that he is willing to be your model! Enjoy the time now because once they are teenagers they will start to flee when they see you pull out your camera. 🙂

These are great Megan. I love the last image so much, those eyes! I wish my 16 year-old would let me photograph him. I may have to resort to bribery with real cash…

Do it! You will be so glad you did I’m sure! 🙂

Fantastic model you have on your hands! Love his expressions and playfulness 🙂 I have 7 and 5 year old daughters and know how important their participation can be and how their willingness ebbs and flows as they develop their personalities and independence! Great job capturing this stage!

We have kids the same age! My youngest is 5 and Justin is, like I said 7! It does ebb and flow doesn’t it! It’s so much fun with they are into it! Thank you!

Lucky you, Megan–to have such a willing model! Such a cutie! Great images!

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