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We’re singing…
Hey, you can’t count us out
We’ve been running up against the crowd
Yeah, we are the dark horses!

Justin’s favorite Switchfoot song … Dark Horses

Sometimes I need to tweak my gear. When that happens, Justin is always game to be my model! It turns out that if I give him headphones and play music that he likes, he will sit there for a long time! Currently his favorite bands are Switchfoot and The Band Perry…don’t judge him, it’s his moms fault! I also wanted to blog this so that I never forget that at age 7, helping is something that Justin does very well. It is definitely a way that he shows people he cares about them. I love that about him. Also, yes, I know there are more than 10 images…can’t help it! I tried! (:

10 on 10 – July // Street Photography

If you would like to see more of my talented friends in this 10 on the 10th blog circle just follow the above link to my friend Connie’s! Her street photography is fantastic! You don’t want to miss seeing a car sporting a bright pink mustache!



10 on the 10th | Boise, Idaho | My Space

267960e4c40311e3a7c50002c9c60652_8This month, for my 10 on the 10th, I thought I would share my new work space! I am pretty excited about it! That has a lot to do with the fact that the shelves and the table are Pinterest inspired, so I can officially say that I (and my super patient husband) completed a Pinterest project! Ha! I hope you enjoy this peek into my space! Please feel free to follow the link to see Glenda’s 10 on the 10th and also to see the other talented photographers who are also part of this blog circle!




January 10 on the 10th | Princess Ali Pants | Boise, Idaho

It’s that time again! I got so busy over the holidays that I missed a few 10 on the 10th! For this month’s I wanted to take pictures of Ali in her element. She loves all things girly and princessy. She also loves books…of the princess kind of course. She goes everywhere dressed like this. I don’t even mind because I know someday I will miss it so I’m trying to soak it all in while I can! Follow this link to see a gorgeous maternity session from Eva!



May’s 10 on the 10th | Boise, Idaho | Lifestyle Photographer

I am really enjoying being a part of the 10 on the 10th group. It causes me to really “see” an otherwise ordinary day and appreciate it so much more. The gift this project has given me has been that I have fallen a little more in love with the simple details of my life. Today I decided to take a close look at what I see when I’m in my workspace, as I tend to spend a lot of time here! What you will see here are a lot of pictures, and a lot of ice tea! Added to that though are fresh flowers, which are my favorite thing about spring, my children’s art, my old  camera collection, my computer and my iphone that is constantly playing music. Music is such a huge part of what I do! It inspires me and motivates me too. I hope you enjoy this and follow the next link to see the day in the life of  Eva! You’re not going to want to miss this!


10 on the 10th | Boise, Idaho | Lifestyle Photographer

It’s that time again! These are April’s 10 photos, on the 10th day of the month, by 10 photographers. 🙂 This time I decided to spend the day just following my family around. It was a pretty mellow day because I had some really tired kids! That was ok with me though because most days with four kiddos is fairly busy!!!! Be sure to click the  following links to see the same day, in a different way, by 9 other photographers from all around the country! See Stephanie’s here!



Our Sweet Girl Tairin | Boise, Idaho | Children’s Photographer


Tairin is my oldest daughter and since it was nearing her 11th birthday it was time for pictures! I know she’s my kid, so clearly I am writing this with mommy goggles on, but isn’t she the prettiest little woman ever!  The best part is this girl is every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! She is the best big sister too….make sure you see the last images of my silly girls together! I love you sis. You are a blessing to me every single day. 🙂Miss Tt33 copytairin2 copy2p-13 copyp-15 copyt1p-20 copyp-18 copyTairin3 copyfor the blog