Thomas the Jedi | Boise, ID | Family Photographer

Happy birthday to Thomas! This birthday boy had and awesome day! There was cake, presents, and a real Jedi Knight came and trained the kids! They had Jedi challenges and SO MUCH FUN! The party ended with a huge battle that sent Darth Vader running for cover! Happy birthday Thomas! Congratulations on becoming a Jedi! 2016-07-23_00012016-07-23_00022016-07-23_00032016-07-23_00042016-07-23_00052016-07-23_00062016-07-23_00072016-07-23_00082016-07-23_00092016-07-23_00122016-07-23_00102016-07-23_00132016-07-23_00142016-07-23_00152016-07-23_00162016-07-23_00172016-07-23_0018

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