The Tesar Family 2016 | Boise, ID | Lifestyle Family Photographer

I was so excited when the Tesar family contacted me about doing a lifestyle session! They are really talented local photographers and they have an absolutely adorable family! Their oldest daughter Finley is a girl after my own heart because, as you will see, she loves chocolate! 🙂 Their sweet baby Teagan is too cute for words! We had a lot of fun taking pictures in and around their home! Thank you for having me out Tesar family! It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you! 2016-09-26_00012016-09-26_00022016-09-26_00032016-09-26_00042016-09-26_00052016-09-26_00072016-09-26_00232016-09-26_00092016-09-26_00122016-09-26_00142016-09-26_00152016-09-26_00162016-09-26_00102016-09-26_00112016-09-26_00172016-09-26_00182016-09-26_00192016-09-26_00202016-09-26_002180-22016-09-26_0022

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