An Everyday Adventure : A Workshop | Boise, Idaho | Simplicity by Megan Wright | Photographer

February 19, 2019


Would you like to learn how to take better pictures of your family and friends?

Well then, let me introduce you to…


For the first time EVER, I am offering a photography workshop geared toward women who would like to learn the basics of photography! If you would like to learn how to use your camera, to take beautiful everyday photographs of your children/loved ones, this is for you! Come on and join us! It’s going to be a lot of fun!


You, me, and a bunch of fun women with the same goal in mind!


Here you will learn…

  •  How to get the best use out of your camera and understand it’s settings.
  •  How to recognize and use the best possible light to create pictures you love.
  •  How to position your subject in a flattering way.
  •  How to create natural images of you subject in an unposed (lifestyle) way.
  •  The key ingredients to a solid image.

After each session there will be a Q&A time as well as hands on practice.

Have you ever taken a picture like the one on the left? Great subject, but just no POP? Would you like to learn to create images that are correctly exposed and flattering to your subject? I know you want to catch that personality too! How to do these things is what this class is clllllllll about!

What about those bothersome blurry pictures? Is there help for that? Yes, and you are going to learn tips and tricks to help deal with it! I am so excited to walk through the process with you!


My house, in Nampa, Idaho!


Mother’s Day Weekend * Saturday May 11th * Beginning at 10 and ending at 2:30


Because pictures literally freeze time! They are treasures of your loved ones that you will have long after they have passed all of those first milestones!  Plus, I am going to be honest, this is going to be a lot of FUN!


Contact me for details on how to save your spot. I will only be opening ten seats for this workshop.

The cost is $150 per person and does need to be paid up front to save your place!

Along with the classes you will receive…

Lunch and all the coffee you can drink * Learning Materials * A fun gift bag * Access to a private Facebook group that is designed just for you! It will be a place for follow up questions as well as challenges and friendship building with the women who are part of An Everyday Adventure!

Feel free to email me at or call at 208.562.9153 with any questions or to reserve your spot!

Also, feel free to scroll on down to see sweet little Miss Daisy! She was the perfect little model! 


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